Athom.Agency | E-commerce, digital and brand experience for you!

We make your e-commerce, digital and brand experience a reality.

What do we do?

We do everything to get your brand into the world. From a world-class e-commerce experience and POS (Point of Sales) to your website, social media, design, streaming and advertising.

We've got you covered!


At Athom.Agency we love Shopify. It is our CMS of choice and will make sure that we can deliver your website really fast.

Are you looking for an all-around commerce solution? We can make it happen for you!

Athom.Agency - Shopify Partner

On top of this, we are Shopify Partners. As a Shopify Partner we have the ability to learn, connect and network with all other partners globally.

Social Media

Social media can be quite overwhelming. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and more. Where do you start?

Let us help you!


With 10+ years of streaming experience, we can help you do your stream in every way possible. From setting up a studio to streaming on the go for special events.


Web Development

A website, everyone seems to have one. Make yours stand out and work for you! Whatever type of web-development you need, we are ready for it!

The main CMS (Content Management Software) we use is Shopify, however fo you wany a Squarespace or WordPress website.

Do you maybe want something fully custom? We can help you with everything!


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